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Initiatives on the Use of Video Products

Dear Valued EZVIZ Users,

        Technology affects every aspect of our life. As a forward-looking tech company, we are increasingly aware of the role technology plays in improving efficiency and quality of our life. At the same time, we are also aware of the potential harm of its improper usage. For example, video products can record real, complete and clear images, therefore they hold great values in representing facts. Nevertheless, improper distribution, use and/or processing of video records may infringe on the privacy, legitimate rights and interests of others.

        Committed to innovating technology for the good, we at EZVIZ hereby earnestly advocate that every user shall use video products properly and responsibly, thus to collectively create a positive environment where all related practices and usage comply with applicable laws and regulations, respect individuals' interests and rights, and promote social morality.

        Here are EZVIZ’s initiatives that we'd appreciate your attention:

  1. Each individual possesses a reasonable expectation of privacy, and the use of video products should not be in conflict with such reasonable expectation. Therefore, a warning notice which clarifies the monitoring range should be displayed in a reasonable and effective manner, when installing video products in public areas. For non-public areas, the rights and interests of people involved shall be evaluated thoughtfully, including but not limited to, installing video products only after obtaining the consent of the stakeholders, and not installing highly-invisible video products without other's knowledge.

  2. Video products objectively records footage of real activities within specific time and space. Users shall reasonably identify the people and rights involved in this scope in advance, to avoid any infringement of portrait, privacy or other legal rights of others while protecting themselves through video products. Notably, if you choose to enable the audio recording function on your camera, it will capture sounds, including conversations, within the monitoring range. We highly recommend a comprehensive assessment on the potential sound sources in the monitoring range, so as to fully understand the necessity and the reasonableness before you turn on the audio recording function.

  3. Video products in use will consistently generate audio or visual data from real scenes –possibly including biometric information such as facial images – based on the user’s selection of product features. Such data can be used or processed to use. Video products are only technological tools that do not and cannot humanly practice legal and moral standards to guide lawful and proper use of data. It is the methods and purposes of the people who control and use the generated data that make a difference. Therefore, data controllers shall not only strictly abide by applicable laws and regulations, but also fully respect non-obligatory rules including international conventions, moral standards, cultural norms, public order and local customs. Furthermore, we should always prioritize the protection of privacy and portrait rights, and other reasonable interests.

  4. The video data continuously generated by video products carries the rights, values and other demands of various stakeholders. Thus, it is extremely crucial to ensure data security and shield the products from malicious intrusions. Every user and data controller shall, undertake all reasonable and necessary measures to maximize product and data security, avoiding data leakage, improper disclosure or misuse, including but not limited to, setting up access control, selecting a suitable network environment where video products are connected, establishing and constantly optimizing network security.

  5. Video products have made great contributions to enhance the safety of our society, and we believe that they will continue to play a positive role in various aspects of our daily life. Any attempt to abuse these products to violate human rights or engage in unlawful activities contradicts the very essence of the value in tech innovation and product development. We encourage every user to establish your own methods and rules to evaluate and monitor the use of video products, so as to ensure that these products are always used properly, thoughtfully and with goodwill.

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