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Animals are our friends and we know you would do anything to help protect them and make sure they too also feel safe. With EZVIZ cameras, you have unique features such as two-way audio, motion detection and other great features to help give you peace of mind that your furry friends are safe. Furthermore, you can view your animals live, record footage and even share it when needed! See below for all the great solutions we have to offer.

Home Pet Monitoring

In the UK, there are over 12 million pet owners, with an accumulation of around 50 million pets! This shows that we love our animals and know you would do all you can to protect them. Well now you can have peace of mind and keep an eye on them and even talk to them from wherever you are!

Veterinary Care

With over 5000 veterinary clinics in the UK, we know your animals are in great care when needed. Our cameras can allow pet owners to access a camera when their animal is in care via the Share option within the app if your care center provides this function through permissions. Alternatively they can be used for the safety of Veterinary staff and their premises.

Catteries & Cat Homes

In some instances, catteries can hold up to 40 cats per site. From holiday camps to competitive housing, we know how important it is to protect your feline friends. We have solutions for internal and external monitoring with two-way audio options too!

Dog Homes & Kennels

26% of pets owned are dogs, many use kennels for when going away on holiday, some are just waiting to find their perfect new homes. Our cameras allow the ability to share video feeds (via permissions within the app) to dog owners, wherever they may be, so you can know your furry friend is safe.


We have done our homework! There are over 374,000 horse owners in the UK and approximately 847,000 horses domestically/competitively kept. Our cameras and hubs can provide constant monitoring in remote areas to ensure no more horsing around when it comes to checking up on the welfare of your horses.


Your livestock are your assets, protect Cattle and other walks of life with an EZVIZ camera. Some even have built-in alarms to help deter suspicious behaviour or unwanted furry guests. We even have options for remote areas that do not have Wi-Fi solutions.


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