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More Powerful than Ever.

A new generation of smart home camera is here.

Defining the next-level smart home cameras with the cutting-edge AI technology. Giving you more advanced options and fulfilling more of your security needs.

Welcome! Our New Friends.

Kicking 2021 off with a new generation of innovative products and exciting features, including the AI technology. Taking smart home security camera to the next level.

Outdoor PT Cam


Outdoor 360° View

Featuring outdoor 360° monitoring, EZVIZ C8C covers each and every detail you care about in full-color, even at night. It also intelligently protects your home with AI-powered person detection.

Indoor PT Cam


Auto-Zoom Tracking

EZVIZ C6W comes with auto-zoom tracking feature that automatically zooms in to track a moving object, or human motion in specific. With 2K resolution, all the details are crystal clear even in 4x digital zoom.

Even better. Best Sellers Upgrade.

Not just the new comers, we're bringing AI capacities to the whole security camera range. Our best-selling outdoor & indoor cameras are now more capable than ever, giving you peace of mind all year around.

Upgrade of C3W

Outdoor Security Camera


A Smarter Outdoor Safeguard

Extended from our C3 outdoor series, the C3W Pro serves as an AI-powered upgrader to our best-selling C3W. The C3W Pro comes with 2MP/4MP resolution options and provides 3 interchangeable night vision modes.

Upgrade of C6C

Indoor Pan/Tilt Security Camera


More Intelligent Motion Alerts

EZVIZ C6CN Pro not only inherits all the great features from the C6CN, but also enhances alert accuracy with the Advanced AI chip. Equipped with starlight lens and true-WDR technology, the C6CN Pro truly is an indoor security booster.

AI-Powered Person Detection

The AI capability takes motion detection to the next level. No more buzzing false alerts. Targeting motions that are triggered by human shape in particular, so that you have the option to be notified in a more intelligent way.

Supported Models: C8C, C6W, C3W Pro, C6CN Pro

Extraordinary Color Night Vision

Two spotlights provide the supplement light and make color night vision possible. Color imaging adds another dimension and offers more details to the footage, so that the video clips are more recognizable.

Supported Models: C8C, C3W Pro

Superb Image Quality

Higher resolution allows you to capture more details even when you zooming in the footage. True-WDR also comes into handy when dealing with overexposure and/or underexposure in high-contrast scenes. Rendering evenly-bright images from dawn to dusk.

True WDR Supported Models: C6W, C6CN Pro 4MP Resolution Supported Models: C6W, C3W Pro

Smaller Size, Better Quality

Using the latest H.265 video compression technique, EZVIZ smart home cameras render clearer and smoother videos while reducing the data storage space and bandwidth by half.







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